"Bringing Families Together"

Friday, August 10, 2012

We are happy to show some of the improvements we have made on our 2 bedroom condo (H-10) in the past few weeks.
New carpet throughout the whole condo, including the master bedroom.

 This is the loft with the new carpet.  New furniture here is still on our 'short list'. But it still works out great with the extra sleeping space in the hide-a-bed.
                      A view of the master bedroom from the loft.

 This is the lower level second bedroom with 2 queen sized beds.  We are especially happy to have new carpet in here!  The old red carpet was just a little too much!  :o)
 New small table in the kitchen.  We took down the old red checkered wallpaper and painted a nice sandy color here and above the counters.
 Views of the main living room.  This set of furniture not only looks much better but is much more comfortable!  Each sofa includes two recliners!  Heavenly!
 The new dining room table can help feed the rest of the troops!  We also painted the hutch, game cabinet and mirror to update the look.

We will not miss the red and blue carpet and furniture of days gone by.  It has been nice that we have had enough business with our condo to help us save up to make these improvements.  Thank you to all of our loyal renters.  And thank you for taking care of it while you are there.  We love being able to share this with all of you.
For those of you who have not seen what this all looked like before you can scroll down to earlier posts (Jan. 10, 2010)  for pictures.  We hope you all agree that the changes are all for the better.

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